AMI Design Services

At Amber Marques Interiors, we pride ourselves on offering personalized services to our clients. We believe in taking the time to understand their individual project goals and needs for daily living. Amber believes that what separates a house from a home is in a space’s ability to resonate with her client’s lifestyle and needs. Our range of services is designed to deliver functional spaces while incorporating the AMI aesthetic

Full Service

Our standard design package is customized to fit the specific requirements and budget of each client, while following a set series of steps.

We start with an initial consultation, followed by presenting our plan, which includes a design board, and if necessary, elevations and floor plans. Once the plan is approved, we hand-pick and purchase finishes, materials, and furnishings.

After the approval of materials, we set a target date and start working with the tradespeople and vendors to bring our collaborative vision to life.

We manage every aspect of the project, including installation and styling, and we will be there to support you throughout the process until the big reveal!


We are pleased to offer our e-design services to clients outside of the tri-state area. We provide the same level of expertise and support as we do to our local clients.

To get started, we conduct an online consultation and questionnaire to assess your needs. We then create a custom design board and space layout based on your preferences.

After receiving your feedback, we select furnishings and accessories to complete the look and provide you with a shopping list for your convenience.

We understand that long-distance relationships can be challenging, so we offer a round of revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.


We collaborate with clients and their contractors to establish a clear vision for new construction and remodel projects.

Our goal is to execute the project within the constraints of time and budget. The process is similar to our full-service design projects but much more involved as we work closely with contractors and subcontractors as needed, and make constant site visits to track progress.

We plan, select, purchase, and install each piece of the design, resulting in the home of your dreams.

1-hour studio session

If you have an ongoing project and need advice, you can book a one-hour studio session with Amber or one of our junior designers.

This is an amazing opportunity to get real-time advice from one of our talented designers. You can bring your plans, tile options, or any other relevant details, and they will help you with any design or styling roadblocks.

To schedule a session, please fill out the form in the link provided below. Please note that availability is limited and sessions are by appointment only.


We provide furniture sourcing, layout, and installation services to help you furnish a new space or revitalize an old one.

Our process includes sourcing furniture options for your approval, creating a room layout, creating a design board and floor plans, and then procuring and installing all furniture.

We take pride in helping you complete your home with high-quality furniture that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.