In case you were wondering...

Questions…? We have answers to our client’s most frequently asked questions!

Many of the furnishings and products we order come from trade vendors. These vendors are manufacturers that sell exclusively to designers and other industry professionals. This means more selection for you and a variety of unique products not available directly to consumers.

Beyond the selection of furnishings, designers also get exclusive pricing from these vendors and they are able to pass these discounts on to their clients.

These vendors only ship via freight line carriers, which only deliver to receiving warehouses, because they need a loading dock for their large semi trucks. Receiving warehouses are important to the design process and act as a sort of quality control as well.

We love repeat clients! Once our initial project is completed, we can draw up a new proposal and contract to take on any additional areas you would like for us to work in.

This is another benefit of a receiving warehouse! The furnishings we order will go there first, where they will be carefully inspected. Anything not up to par will be sent back before it ever reaches your home.

In short: no. It’s safer and much more efficient for us to complete the installation phase without you present. I know it can be difficult to stay away, but the big reveal moment will be worth it for everyone involved!

We work diligently to handpick vendors and sources and have spent years cultivating relationships with them. We invest immense time and resources visiting trade shows each year, scouring vendor displays for their newest products. We have the opportunity to touch and feel these pieces before we recommend them to our clients.

That’s a long way of saying: you can trust us. We have incredibly high standards for quality and style. Custom pieces cannot be returned, but we don’t think that will be a concern once you get your hands on them.

Yes, we manage every aspect of your project. We liaise with contractors and make frequent site visits. Your communication with us is vital to the success of the project so that we can relay questions and concerns to the appropriate parties.

We present one concept for each room, designed in its entirety so that you are able to see the full, cohesive picture. We do offer a round of revisions and we’d be happy to source additional options for furnishings at our hourly rate if that’s of interest.